ArangoDB Admin Interface

ArangoDB comes with two types of interfaces: The ArangoDB shell (arangosh) and the web interface.

The web interface is available on http://localhost:8529/ on any ArangoDB installation which is using the default settings (you can protect it from being accessible to the whole world, of course).

Main features:

  • process monitoring-what is happening in ArangoDB right now?
  • add, edit, and delete collections and documents
  • execute AQL queries
  • visualize graphs
  • access ArangoDB’s log
  • install Foxx apps

Some screen shots

The process monitoring page:


The graph visualization:


The list of collections:


The ArangoDB shell (arangosh)

The ArangoDB shell (arangosh) is a command-line tool that can be used for administration of ArangoDB, including running ad-hoc queries.


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