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Jan is a member of ArangoDB's core development team. He is an expert in data modelling with nosql & relational databases and writing high performance web applications. For ArangoDB, he wrote much of AQL (ArangoDB's query language).

Asynchronous Execution – new Feature in Version 1.4

Measuring ArangoDB insert performance ArangoDB offers a few APIs to insert documents. First, there is an HTTP API for bulk document imports. This API was already covered in another post. In general, the bulk import API should always be used when the task is to create many documents into a collection at once, as fast as possible. This works well if the documents are known in advance, e.g. when importing data from a file.

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Multiple Databases – New Feature in Version 1.4

ArangoDB 1.4 provides support for multiple databases, a feature often requested by our users. Motivation In the old days, ArangoDB provided the option to create multiple collections, but all collections were created on the same level. As there was no hierarchy of collections, there was a chance of having a collection name clash when using one ArangoDB server for multiple applications. For example, running multiple applications inside the same ArangoDB server did not work if all applications created their own users collections. Workarounds, such as prefixing collection names, were required to make older ArangoDB versions play nicely with multiple applications. With ArangoDB 1.4, multiple databases are supported natively. Workarounds such as prefixing collection names with application names, can go away now.

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Replication – New Feature in Version 1.4

ArangoDB 1.4 comes with asynchronous master-slave replication. The new replication feature should make it much easier to create a backup from a running ArangoDB server. For example, a second ArangoDB instance can now be used as a slave by cloning all data from the master. The slave will be populated in the background while the master is running and accepting requests – not disrupting the master operations.

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Auto-increment values in ArangoDB

The most recent versions of ArangoDB offer more detailed control over what values will be auto-generated for the _key and _id attributes of documents. They also allow using predictable auto-increment sequences.

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Simplifications in ArangoDB 1.2

The upcoming 1.2 version of ArangoDB will provide several improvements and fixes. Apart from the additional features the new version provides, the following changes might also be very interesting for users and driver maintainers:

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New Features in ArangoDB 1.2

We have just released beta2 of ArangoDB 1.2. It is available for download here. For everyone interested in trying the new version, here’s a quick overview of its major new features & changes:

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API changes in ArangoDB 1.2

Apart from introducing several new features, the upcoming 1.2 version of ArangoDB will change a few of the existing REST API return values. The API changes were necessary to make the ArangoDB’s APIs easier to use, more robust and portable. We hope that the following list provides 3rd party client & driver maintainers with enough information to update drivers to work with ArangoDB 1.2.

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Querying documents and graphs in one database with AQL – easily

Note: The following article was originally written as an answer in ArangoDB google group. It may help other people to understand the scope of ArangoDB and/or AQL, so we posted it here as well. AQL, the query language, provides access to the data which is stored inside collections. The collections contain documents, identified by unique keys.

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Some useful arangosh tips

arangosh, The ArangoDB shell, provides some options that may simplify an ArangoDB user’s life. Some of these options have been added in version 1.1.2, and some options have been around for a while but are probably still less known. It’s time to showcase them.

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ArangoDB version 1.1 is out!

ArangoDB version 1.1 was released today. Builds for major distributions can be found on the downloads page. The new version offers several improvements, namely: an API for batch requests partial updates (i.e. HTTP PATCH) for documents improvements for AQL disk synchronisation improvements a statistics interface SSL support The complete list can be found here. If you plan on upgrading from an existing ArangoDB 1.0 to version 1.1, please make sure to also read the upgrade notes.

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