Feature Preview: Using NPM packages for ArangoDB

ArangoDB follows the Common.JS specification for modules. However, it would be very convenient, if there was an easy way to install a package like “underscore.js”. These package are, for instance, available using NPM. There is a draft for packages on Common.JS which seems to be compatible with NPM. NPM has a neat way of dealing with version conflicts. Basically, it allows multiple versions to exists simultaneously. For example, assume you have 4 packages A, B, C, D. A requires B and C and D, B requires C. Then directory layout might be as follows. node_modules | +- A | | | +- node_modules | | | +- B | | | | | +- node_modules | | | | | +- C (1.0.0) | | | +- C (2.0.0) | +- D Package B will see package C in version 1.0.0, while package A sees package C in version 2.0.0.

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ArangoDB Client for nodejs released

We got a note from Anders Elo from Sweden. He told us that he has released a ArangoDB client for node.js. Awesome! You can find it on Github under the URL https://github.com/kaerus/arango-client. To install locally npm install git://github.com/kaerus/arango-client

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