MRuby Links

I’ve started the following collection of links, example code, projects, and articles about mruby. This list is most likely not complete, if you have other interesting articles please let me know. Especially sample code and mruby projects. Article Daniel Bovensiepen, Five ways to execute mruby Matt Aimonette, Mruby and MobiRuby Matt Aimonetti, Getting Started With Mruby @jondot, First Look at Mruby Examples & Projects Embed Ruby in Your iOS Apps Using mruby, source code mruby iOS example mattn, MRuby inside MySQL takeru, MRuby Examples FAQ CRuby vs MRuby FAQ mruby勝手にFAQ

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Talk: Using mruby with ArangoDB (@Cologne Ruby User Group)

Frank has given a short lightning talk on using mruby in ArangoDB (at this time still called AvocadoDB) at the Cologne Ruby user group.

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