Multiple Databases – New Feature in Version 1.4

ArangoDB 1.4 provides support for multiple databases, a feature often requested by our users. Motivation In the old days, ArangoDB provided the option to create multiple collections, but all collections were created on the same level. As there was no hierarchy of collections, there was a chance of having a collection name clash when using one ArangoDB server for multiple applications. For example, running multiple applications inside the same ArangoDB server did not work if all applications created their own users collections. Workarounds, such as prefixing collection names, were required to make older ArangoDB versions play nicely with multiple applications. With ArangoDB 1.4, multiple databases are supported natively. Workarounds such as prefixing collection names with application names, can go away now.

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Some useful arangosh tips

arangosh, The ArangoDB shell, provides some options that may simplify an ArangoDB user’s life. Some of these options have been added in version 1.1.2, and some options have been around for a while but are probably still less known. It’s time to showcase them.

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ArangoDB Shell Cheat Sheet

Hint, there is a newer version available: Cheat sheet for ArangoDB 1.2 ArangoDB comes with a shell called Arangosh. Here’s a reference card or cheat sheet which covers the most important commands.

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