Fugu – JS event & error logging


Fugu is a client side JavaScript error and event logging app using ArangoDB and ArangoDB Foxx. Fugu can track any kind of JavaScript errors in JavaScript apps and websites.

So you have deployed your application after a long time of hard work. How it is doing? Having a server-side error logging is a must-have regardless wether your backend is run in Java or Ruby or Brainf*ck. But what about client-side errors? Do you know what’s really happening there? Use Fugu to close this gap.


Using Fugu for JavaScript error logging is somewhat simple:

  1. Log into the Fugu’s admin interface
  2. Add a new project, as a result you get a piece of HTML/Javascript.
  3. Insert this snippet into your JavaScript app/website
  4. There is no 4. You are done. Check the errors in Fugu’s admin interface.

Fugu is open source and for free available on Github. Contributions are always welcome!

Download Fugu

The technology behind Fugu

For those of you interested in the technology behind Fugu:
Fugu was started by Frederic Hemberger (@fhemberger) as a demo app for ArangoDB Foxx – Foxx is a lightweight framework for building APIs and applications with ArangoDB.

Fugu uses Backbone, Jquery, Twitter Bootstrap and Underscore – and ArangoDB of course. The HTML content is rendered using Underscore’s template capabilities and delivered through the http server which comes with ArangoDB. It is very fast as it uses Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. It is also secure as all the admin functionality can only be accessed by authenticated user (Fugu comes with its own user administration).