Getting Started

  • First StepsWe will help you to get a quick impression what ArangoDB stands for. Get familiar with the open-source multi-database and all of its several features.


  • InstallationFollow the instructions on this high-level guide to install ArangoDB for Mac OS X, Windows and several Linux- versions under apache 2 lincense.

    Install Arango

  • API referenceFind all the API references of ArangoDB from C, C++ over JavaScript to MRuby and any other.

    Explore the API

  • DocumentationHere is the documentation-list for current stable version and for previous (now) outdated releases of ArangoDB.

    read more

  • FAQsArangoDB is an open-source database that provides multi-database support, replication, a javaScript framework for APIs and many other features. Explore ArangoDB and take a look at the frequently asked questions.

    read more


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