High performance

ArangoDB is fast though it is feature-rich. How can that be?

ArangoDB is “schema free. ” This means that every record in a collection (table) can look different. Unlike other nosql databases ArangoDB does not store the attributes names and types over and over again (which needs lots of space). Instead it recognizes the “implicit schema” and stores it space-efficient separately from the data – yet every record can look differently.

ArangoDB is written in C (database core), on top there is a C++ communication layer. JavaScript and C++ are used for additional functionalities. Even though ArangoDB has a richer feature set, reading performance it can compete with existing solutions and to some extent even achieve better results.

You are asking for numbers? Right! But one note first: Always take performance tests with a grain of salt. Performance is very dependent on a lot of factors including the specific task at hand. This is just to give you a glimpse at the performance. Always do your own performance tests (and if you do, report back to us :) ).

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