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About Lucas Dohmen

Lucas – as part of the core team – is the person behind the Ruby ArangoDB driver family, ArangoDB Foxx and parts of the graph functionality.

Ashikawa::Core 0.10 released

We just released version 0.10 of the low-level ArangoDB Ruby driver Ashikawa::Core. It supports both ArangoDB 1.4 and 2.0. For more details see the release notes. We’re also working on the first version of Guacamole: It is an ODM for Rails and is based upon Ashikawa::Core.

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ArangoDB at RubyConf 2013

RubyConf is a yearly conference in the USA with people coming from all over the world to discuss about Ruby, Rails and related topics. Every year a different city hosts this conference – this year the conference took place in sunny Miami Beach. This year Dirk Breuer – the other main developer behind Guacamole – and I went there to learn from the speakers talking about a wide range of topics. Apart from the great talks there was a lot of opportunity to talk to Rubyists from entirely different areas like social networks or banking backend systems, the problems they face and the solutions they found for them. Of course there were a lot of people catching a sight of our ArangoDB shirts and coming towards us to ask about ArangoDB and the Ruby support. The question ranged from basic questions (“What is ArangoDB?”) to more involved questions about AQL for example. As always we were happy to answer all of them! All videos from the conference are online now. The excellent keynote by Katie on the second day is not only interesting to Rubyists, but everyone enthusiastic about programming and especially teaching it. If you understand German and want to get more tips about which talks to watch, download episode 26 of Geekstammtisch where we discussed RubyConf.

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Foxx Screencast: Part 2

It has taken some time, but now part 2 of the Foxx Screencast is available. I talk about some more advanced topics of Foxx and also plans for the future.

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ArangoDB 1.3.alpha1 and the first Foxx Screencast

Starting today you can install the first Alpha of the upcoming release of ArangoDB version 1.3. Some of the new features are: ArangoDB Foxx: A lightweight way to define APIs directly on top of ArangoDB Traversals: Define traversals to explore your graphs stored in ArangoDB A new and improved Frontend: Featuring a new design and various improvements And more: Multi-Collection transaction support, user defined functions in AQL, more builtin AQL functions and AQL improvements, bug-fixes… ArangoDB Foxx: The first screencast If you want to get a first look at ArangoDB Foxx, you can now see our first screencast. Lucas talks about the motivation and goals of Foxx and introduces you to the basics. A second screencast will follow with more advanced techniques like our Repositories and Models: How to install it? If you are on a Mac and using Homebrew, you can install it now via brew install –devel arangodb. If you are compiling ArangoDB by yourself, checkout the branch 1.3 from github and compile it. if you are using Linux, we have create package for the usual distributions. You can download them from here.

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Foxx – a lightweight Javascript application framework for ArangoDB

Edit: From version 1.4 the ArangoDB user manual available online also includes the documentation for FOXX. For the last months we have been working on Foxx – a brand new Javascript framework on top of the upcoming version of the free and open source NoSQL database ArangoDB. Foxx allows you to build APIs directly on top of the database and therefore skip the middleman (Rails, Django, Symfony or whatever your favorite web framework is). Foxx is designed with simplicity and the specific use case of modern client-side MVC frameworks in mind. There are a couple of very interesting scenarios for Foxx: You want to build a Single Page Web Application: most of the business logic is in the Javascript frontend. The backend’s most important task is to persist the data and send data to the client plus a bit of auth, modify, validate logic.  In this case ArangoDB plus a Foxx application is all you need as a backend. Another use case is a mobile app either native or HTML5. Again you’ll have most of the logic already in the frontend (the app in this case). With Foxx you can create your API very easily. And as you don’t have a large full-size MVC stack included, your backend will be very, very fast. You might want to consider Foxx even as lightweight, easy-to-learn alternative to Node.js.

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The API Implementors Gathering

Dear API Implementors, We want to make it simpler for you to keep up with the development of ArangoDB. We therefore created a dedicated place for all API implementors. If you are implementing a Driver, ODM or database access tool for ArangoDB, this is the right place for you. In addition to sharing information about the changing API, we want to discuss patterns and ideas with each other. The team behind ArangoDB will announce API changes and enhancements in the issues of this project, so you have one place to get all the up to date information. Apart from that, the community is independent from the ArangoDB team. We want to make this a central, open place for all API implementors. So if you want to be part of this group, just introduce yourself and we will add you to the list. Then just watch the Repository to get all information in your inbox. We already have the people behind the PHP and Ruby drivers on board. We’re looking forward to discussing with you and build a multi-programming language community around ArangoDB. So join us.

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